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Digital Literacy Lessons for TK - Grade 2

Digital Literacy Lessons for TK - Grade 2title

The District Technology Committee and Common Core Committee met to determine which Digital Literacy Lessons would be taught at each grade level.  Scroll down to view all lessons for Transitional Kindergarten through 2nd grade.  
Override lessons with videos on YouTube as noted with an * (asterisk).
Transitional Kindergarten Lesson

Transitional Kindergarten Lessontitle

First Grade Lesson

First Grade Lessontitle

Use Router's Birthday Surprise as a presentation to cover Internet safety only (35 minutes) or Internet and real-world safety (45 minutes) with First Graders.  The presentations include:
  • Easy-to-remember safety rules
  • Age appropriate explanations of online and/ or personal safety risks
  • Animated video combined with engaging presenter's dialogue