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The Rescue Union School District recognizes the importance of mental health services for pupils and how schools have a critical role to play in meeting the social, emotional and behavioral health needs of children and youth. 
School-based mental health encompasses a continuum from promoting positive mental health and social emotional learning to early intervention and treatment to recognizing and addressing children's mental disorders.  Mental health promotion and early intervention are key to keeping children in school, improving education outcomes and preventing more serious disorders and costs later in life.
In accordance with AB 2022, (pupil mental health services school notification) Rescue Union School District wants to ensure that parents, guardians, and students are informed about resources available for anyone who believes they are in a mental health crisis.
There are resources at school and in the community that can help.
If you have concerns regarding your child's mental health, please contact your school site and ask to speak with the school counselor or school psychologist.  These staff members can discuss your concerns, provide services to your child, and/or direct you to additional resources in the community.
District Resources

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Mental health services in our schools include a broad range of services, settings and strategies.  We believe in addressing the needs of the whole child so our students thrive academically, socially and emotionally.  RUSD teachers and staff have been trained in the tenets of Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports (PBIS), which provide our students with positive self-management tools, how to get along with others, and other important life skills.  At each school site, counselors teach guidance lessons to all classes, focusing on these skills to help students be successful in their lives.  Our district also provides crisis intervention, suicide prevention, individual and group counseling, as well as academic and social interventions as part of our student support services team approach.
In RUSD Mental Health Services can be accessed at each school site, by any student and/or parent/guardian via email or phone call:
Rescue School District Office (530) 677-4461
Student Services Director: Sunshine Handley (530) 672-4804
Green Valley Elementary School (530) 677-3686
Psychologist: Rachelle Blakeslee
Jackson Elementary School (916) 933-1828
Counselor: Vanessa Nichols
Psychologist: Quanisha Turner
Lake Forest Elementary School (916) 933-0652
Counselor: Kristen McKelvey
Psychologist: Anna Mangino
Lakeview Elementary School (916) 941-2600
Psychologist: Quanisha Turner
Marina Village Middle School (916) 933-3993
Counselor: Myrna Harp
Interim Counselor: Leah Teddington
Psychologist: Julie Thomas
Pleasant Grove Middle School (530) 672-4400
Counselor: Lauren Todoroff
Psychologist: Alisha Manzella
Rescue Elementary School (530) 677-2720
Counselor: Terry Libbon
Psychologist: Rachelle Blakeslee