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Google Suite (G Suite), formerly known as Google Apps for Education (GAFE), is a “self-contained” cloud-based system, created for each unique school district that offers safe, reliable, monitored student and teacher interaction where the District has much greater control over data and security when compared to regular or personal Internet resources. For example, RUSD students and teachers gain 24/7 access from any Internet connected computer or device to powerful collaborative writing tools like Google Docs inside of the RUSD Google domain, while other features typically available to regular Google accounts like video chat, personal profiles and social networking have been restricted to teachers only.

To participate in G Suite, all students and parents must read and “Accept” the following policies using the online Aeries Parent Portal:

  • RUSD Student Responsible Use PolicyRequired for ALL students to access the Internet, network and other technological resources at school.

  • Google Suite Permission
    Required for students to participate in G Suite

See Directions for Electronic Authorization of BYOD and/or G Suite below.

Directions for Electronic Authorization of BYOD and/or GAFE

Directions for Electronic Authorization of BYOD and/or GAFEtitle

  1. Log in to the Aeries Parent Portal
  2. Select Student Info on the top, left
  3. Select Data Confirmation from the drop down menu
  4. Select #4, Documents on the left
  5. Read each of the following under the Documents tab:
  6. RUSD Student Responsible Use Policy
  7. Bring Your Own Device Responsible Use Policy
  8. Google Apps for Education Permission Form (if applicable)
  9. Select #5, Authorizations and Prohibitions
  10. Read the Description and check “Allow” or “Deny” for the programs that you wish to authorize.
  • RUSD Student Responsible Use Policy
    (Required to participate in BYOD or GAFE)
  • Bring Your Own Device Responsible Use Policy
  • Google Apps for Education Permission Form (if applicable)


Facts about Google Apps for Education

  • GAFE is used by many of the world’s leading educational institutions, including universities, secondary and primary schools. Many public and independent schools around the world and all over California are using GAFE right now.
  • GAFE is completely free for schools and does not contain advertising.
  • Many of GAFE apps such as Google Docs and Gmail are familiar to many students and parents.

How will Google Apps for Education enhance my child’s learning opportunities?

  • GAFE allows up to 50 teachers and students the ability to collaborate on documents simultaneously in a safe, monitored environment. This type of collaboration has been impossible in the past.
  • GAFE works on just about any web accessible device. This allows our students to continue learning beyond the classroom with the ability to access their content at any time.
  • Students and teachers can work in teams, sharing calendars, documents and collaborating ideas to learn more effectively, just as will be expected of them in their careers and life.

What should I be aware of?

  • Information students store online and communication online through GAFE will occur in a private, controlled space.  
  • Unlike many other web services GAFE acknowledges it’s users as the owners of content they produce and store.
  • GAFE does not share any data or user information with any other party unlike other Google products such as Gmail.
  • Your child will be provided an email address as part of the GAFE package. Students will only be able to send and receive email with internal sources.
    • Email communication with the public will only be allowed with parent permission through monitored programs such as Intel PC Pals.