Rescue Union School District

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January 2024

Dear Rescue Union School District Parents/Guardians:
Intradistrict Transfer Request Forms will be available at all Rescue Union School District schools and the District Office on beginning Wednesday, February 7, 2024. Per Board Policy 5116.1, any student who resides within district boundaries may apply annually for an intradistrict transfer to any district school where space is available.
Each year, the District shall determine the capacity of each school and establish a random, unbiased selection process for the admission of students from outside a school’s attendance area. In accordance with the law, no student who is currently residing within a school’s attendance area or enrolled in a school shall be displaced by another student due to an intradistrict transfer. We make every effort not to displace students during the year; however, if a school in the District should become impacted during the school year, it is possible that students attending that school on approved intradistrict transfer may have their transfers rescinded and may be required to return to their home school. Please see the outline of the District’s intradistrict transfer selection procedures on the back of this letter.
Space may be limited at each of our school campuses. However, if you are interested in an intradistrict transfer, please submit a completed intradistrict transfer request to your school of residence by March 22, 2024. Students continuing on an intradistrict transfer will not be required to reapply unless they are moving from grade 5 to grade 6, and the agreement will be effective for the grade span of the current school - for example, K-5th grade or 6th-8th grade. Transportation will not be provided for students attending other schools on an intradistrict transfer.
Jim Shoemake




Priority for attendance and waiting list will be given to students within the following categories:

First, students residing within a school’s attendance area (Education Code 35160.5), and

Secondly, continuing students wishing to remain at the same school—intradistrict and overflow students (overflow students are students displaced by the district from their school of residence due to unavailability of space). 

[Students continuing on an intradistrict transfer will not be required to reapply and the agreement will be effective for the grade span of the current school. Please note students may still be subject to displacement due to excessive enrollment.]

Intradistrict enrollment will be determined based on the following priorities:

  1. Siblings of intradistrict, and overflow students concurrently enrolled at the same school.
  2. Continuing intradistrict transfer students.
  3. New intradistrict transfers for students with siblings already admitted at the school.
  4. New intradistrict applicants - Students will be selected by lot and if space is not available will be placed on a waiting list. Those students who are on the waiting list will be given priority over new intradistrict applicants submitted after the last week in July unless they request to be dropped.
  5. Interdistrict Transfers:
    1. Employment within the district
    2. Continuing interdistrict transfers
    3. New applications (If space is not available student will be placed on the waiting list for the remainder of the year)

Priority for Intra- Interdistrict Transfer Requests

Order of Consideration:
First Priority: Continuing Student and Sibling Already Admitted at the School
Second Priority: Continuing Student
Third Priority: New Request and Sibling Already Admitted at the School
Fourth Priority: New Request
Fifth Priority: Interdistrict Transfer:
a. Employment within the district
b. Continuing Transfers
c. New Applications

Intradistrict enrollment requests will be approved, as space is available, using the priority ranking listed above. In the event of limited space, with multiple applicants meeting the same priority criteria, a lottery process will be used to select the requests to be approved. Spaces will be filled in the order in which the applications are drawn. The names from the remaining requests will be drawn, using the lottery process, and placed on a wait list.