Rescue Union School District

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Parent Notice:
Due to low ridership and nonuse of some bus stop locations, we have had to reduce or cease service to these areas. Please check the current stops listed on the website for changes for the current school year.
We will continue to monitor requests for service throughout the year. A minimum of 5 students need to be in a service stop area for us to consider changes and for it to be financially prudent. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. 
Please call Transportation at 530-672-4310 for any questions.
Times may change/fluctuate due to:

Times may change/fluctuate due to:

  • Weather
  • Traffic Near Schools
  • Road Construction 
  • Student Ridership
We appreciate your patience and understanding.
Please call the Transportation Department if you have any questions or concerns: (530) 672-4310