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Immunization Requirement for K-8 Students

  • California Department of Public Health:
  • Parent’s Guide:  Required Immunizations for School Entry (Links to English & Alternate Languages)
  • California Immunization Requirements for K-12th Grade (including TK)
  • Medical Exemptions:  
    • CAIR-ME:  The California Immunization Registry Medical Exemption website is a secure site for physicians to issue and manage standardized medical exemptions for children in school or child care. Parents use the same site to request medical exemptions from vaccination for their children. If Medical Exemption is granted by a physician, the parent must submit the formal letter from CAIR-ME to the school to meet California’s Immunization requirements.  Please reach out to your student’s physician with any questions.

School Entry Health Examination Requirement

CHDP works with schools to meet the requirement of having a completed health assessment 18 months before or up to 90 days after enrolling in first grade.  
The CHDP program assists families to meet the requirement by linking families with CHDP providers to obtain health assessments.  The certificate “Report of Health Examination for School Entry” is available through the local CHDP program, schools, and provider offices.
 Frequently asked questions about First Grade Health Examination Requirements and Procedures for providers and school personnel can be found in the 

Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment Requirement

California law requires your child to receive an assessment of their oral health as part of school readiness activities for kindergarten entry (or first grade if this is your child’s first year in public school). 
An oral health assessment (or oral health assessment waiver) conducted the year prior to kindergarten, or by May of your child’s kindergarten year, satisfies this requirement.  

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