Rescue Union School District

Educating for the Future, Together

Rescue Union School District is committed to making a difference in the world and in our children's future. This includes a comprehensive environmental approach that unites parents, teachers and students at every level to create a shift in the way we treat our world. We can protect human health through environmental stewardship.
We have implemented and are continuing to implement programs to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. 

Electric Buses:

Rescue USD was awarded funding through a grant, for an electric bus which will be arriving in January 2018! Here is a sample of how we will be able to monitor and post our impact and savings:
Gasoline Saved. 11 Gallons. Electric Miles Provided. 444 Miles. Greenouse Gas prevented. 95 Kilograms. Carbon Offsets. .1 credits. Equivilent CO2 Scrubbers. 2.6 Trees.

LED Lighting System:

In 2014, we had a district wide implementation of upgrading our campuses and classrooms lighting systems from the less efficient fluorescent light bulbs and ballasts to a new LED lighting system. Along with the overall power consumption savings the new system will turn off the lights automatically when the classrooms are empty and also gives our teachers the ability to dim lights down if needed.
   Electric Demand (kW)  Electricity (kWh)  Natural Gas/Propane (Therms)  Utility Savings  O&M Savings Total Savings 
 Total Year 1 3,212  917,843  (741)  $208,599  $11,261  $219,860 


School Gardens and Composters:

Many of our school have school gardens and composters on campus opening up opportunities to enhance our environmental education and give students hands on experience in these areas. We have also created a Green Lunch Waste Program where lunch trash is separated to give us the ability to compost or recycle the products we can, reducing the amount of actual trash at our schools.

Paper Products:

For paper and materials no longer needed, we have a district wide recycling program.

Through Technology:

We have been able to reduce our power needs of physical computer devices by using virtualization technologies for both desktops and servers reducing our power consumption greatly. In partnership with local E-Waste recycling companies we are responsibly recycling our unusable and surplussed equipment. We are also able to communicate with parents and community members more efficiently and use little to no paper by using our mass notification system. We have also been able to use significantly less paper products by using the Aeries Online Registration for our student registration process.

Battery Recycling Program:

Each school has been outfitted with a bucket in the office to properly dispose of used batteries, where we then take them to a local recycling center.   
Rescue Union School District will continue to partner with families, community members, and businesses to limit the environmental impact of our activities, working towards a more sustainable future.