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2019-2020 Board Meeting Highlights:


Board Of Trustees Meeting Highlights - October 8, 2019


We continue our efforts to communicate effectively and in a timely fashion with our families and staffs. We know not every parent, teacher, or staff member can attend our Board meetings, so we will provide a brief update after each Board meeting, sharing highlights and actions taken by the Board. As always, please let us know how to better serve and communicate with you! We want to be partners with you in the educational journey of the children entrusted to us.


Superintendent Olson shared it has been a very busy September with many events districtwide.
She reported we have been reaching out to community members and other stakeholders regarding our upcoming bond measure, with very positive results. So far, our community is encouraging and supportive!
We have also just concluded our first group of Hangzhou visitors to Lake Forest, Jackson and Rescue. Friday night we had our second group come to Lakeview, and Marina Village. It is heartwarming to see our students embrace their Chinese guests and welcome them with open arms. The Chinese students are very excited to be here and enjoy every minute.
We have had GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) trainings this month, more SEL (Social Emotional Learning) training, our ongoing work with math expert Jenny Maguire, and we have continued our work on using data to inform next steps in instructional practices as well as a host of other things.
Fall Harvest Festivals are in full swing! Jackson went first, and their event was exceptional with many fun games, food, flash mob dance, performances, contests and our very own Dave Scroggins as DJ – it was a fabulous event! The rest will be wonderful as well!

  • The Board approved Resolution #19-27 Week of the School Administrator.
  • The Board approved Board Policy revisions.
  • The Board approved Resolution #19-28 Adopting Accounting of Developer Fees.

  • The Board approved:

    • September 10, 2019 Regular Board Meeting Minutes
    • September 24, 2019 Study Session Minutes
    • District Expenditure Warrants and Purchase Orders
    • Williams Act Uniform Complaint Procedure Quarterly Report
    • Personnel Actions
    • Overnight Field Trip - Pleasant Grove Disneyland Magic Music Days
    • Overnight Field Trip and Contract - Green Valley 4th Grade to Coloma Discovery School
    • Out-of-State Travel - Mechanic
    • Donations
    NEXT MEETING: Regular Board Meeting, November 19, 2019