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2018-2019 Board Meeting Highlights:


Board Of Trustees Meeting Highlights - November 13, 2018 


We continue our efforts to communicate effectively and in a timely fashion with our families and staffs. We know not every parent, teacher, or staff member can attend our Board meetings, so we will provide a brief update after each Board meeting, sharing highlights and actions taken by the Board. As always, please let us know how to better serve and communicate with you! We want to be partners with you in the educational journey of the children entrusted to us.

  • Principal Kathy Miracle provided a report on Lakeview Elementary School. Lakeview school currently has 540 students. There are 22 classes, 25 teachers, 29 support staff and houses the EDCOE Autism Program and Extended Day Program. Ms. Miracle proudly reported Lakeview’s SBAC results with 79% of students meeting or exceeding standard in ELA and 78% of students meeting or exceeding standard in Math. She shared with the Board areas of focus for Lakeview this year: improving on a safe environment, SEL (Social Emotional Learning), building student leadership and STEM. There was also a presentation from a 5th grade student highlighting school is not boring! It included information on Zen Zone, fun PTO events and the Student Leadership Program – IMPACT that has over 70 members who work on school and community service. Principal Miracle went on to elaborate on the SEL program at Lakeview. Professional development has been key with a lot of dedicated collaboration time for teachers and staff. All of the classrooms at Lakeview have a version of the “Comfort Corner”, a break area designated to allow students time to calm and process stress. Additionally, Lakeview is working with the PBIS team and still in the planning stages for the Mind + Heart Curriculum. The idea behind all of this is that improved school culture results in learning. Another huge piece of the Social Emotional Learning model is counseling services. Lakeview counselors Mr. Libbon and Mrs. Craig provided information on how they are working with students and staff.

  • Difference Makers: Lakeview presented the Difference Maker award to Kim Combs, Student Service Secretary and Anna Doughty, School Secretary.
  • Superintendent Olson reported that enrollment continues to increase, however we are still down 34 from the end of last year.

    Mrs. Olson went on to say how deeply touched she was this past week with all the veteran tributes across the district. Teachers worked very hard with students to learn songs, write poems, create art pieces, and dedicate their programs to the veterans, past and present who have served our nation. Veterans were moved to tears as our kids showed their respect and admiration to and for them.

    She also reported that another touching experience this past month were our middle school band concerts. The Pleasant Grove band performance was phenomenal. Shaun Manley draws incredible talent and ability from the 6th - 8th grade students. Mrs. Olson commented on how grateful we are for Mila Olson. Our middle school music programs are very fortunate to have her give our 4th and 5th grade students such an incredible start so they feed right into our middle school programs. She was also impressed with Marina’s band concert under the direction of Ben Cain. They have added a World Drumming Elective this year and it was awesome. Our district truly has a fabulous music program.

    Mrs. Olson also shared a video posted this week on our Facebook page showing off the new 6-8 history program, TCI, which was created by Jessica Hoff, and included our wonderful teachers and students. Be sure to check it out on our Facebook page, like it and share it! Lastly she wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a beautiful holiday with family and friends.

  • Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Dave Scroggins provided an update on our current adoptions. We adopted TCI history program in our middle schools and are currently piloting Pearson at the elementary level. The next meeting will be on December 5th with our Pearson Rep to determine what our next steps will be in the adoption process. He went on to report on the Next Generation Science materials and there are 29 programs approved by the State Board of Education. The process will be to review these programs through a presentation at the Sacramento County Office of Education and then bring back a smaller subset to El Dorado County Office of Education for a review fair and materials evaluation.

    Mr. Scroggins reported that the first meeting of the LCAP Parent Advisory Committee was held on November 5. This informational meeting was to provide basic information about the LCAP development process and the Local Control Funding Formula as well as talk about the importance of stakeholder engagement and the roles and responsibilities of the parent group.
    At the meeting he showcased the California School Dashboard and the expected release of new data. In addition, they discussed the revised LCAP and the initial parent feedback about the reduced number of goals seemed positive. LCAP survey development for CSEA and RUFT, as well as Student Listening Circles will be scheduled after the new year. Mr. Scroggins shared that site plans are being revised to adhere to a new template which closely resembles the LCAP template. Our school plans will now be aligned to our new 3 LCAP Goals.

  • Information Technology Manager, Larry Garcia, provided information on activities in his department. He commented that with new adoptions integrating more and more technology, it increases the workload for the technology department. However, we have leveraged our funding very well and our foundation and infrastructure will run everything we do, every day. We have done a great job of planning ahead and are prepared. No matter what curriculum is selected our infrastructure is ready to handle it. Mr. Garcia went on to report on some of the projects completed so far this year.
    • Outdoor access points have been installed for the Marina/Lake Forest field providing wireless access. An additional one will be installed on the Marina side to further boost the Wi-Fi. This is important as the field is utilized as an evacuation point, and now Catapult can be accessed.
    • All upper grade teachers with Chromebooks in their classroom were asked to return the teacher issued iPads. This provided all Kindergarten classrooms districtwide with 6 iPads and all TK classrooms with 4 iPads. We were able to make use of equipment that we already had and provide students in lower grades with more access to technology.
    • Due to overheating issues, almost all of the projectors at Pleasant Grove have been replaced with 70 inch televisions and the technology team is working to provide support to staff with the new equipment.
    • The Project Lead the Way classes at both middle schools now have high end laptops (32 in each class). It will give these classrooms the flexibility to take advantage of the collaborative learning environment.
Mr. Garcia also congratulated Randy Diez, on his new position at EDCOE and was very pleased to announced we have hired Everett Becerra as his replacement. This still leaves one vacant technology support specialist position but the technology team is working hard to provide the support teachers need and deserve. RUSD staff has been very understanding and patient.
  • The Board approved Resolution #18-22, Annual Accounting of Developer Fees.
  • The Board approved Resolution #18-23 Federal Surplus Property Program.
  • The Board approved the Joint Statement on Negotiations between Serrano Owner’s Association and the El Dorado Schools Financing Authority.
  • The Board approved the Change Orders #28-29 Marina Village Middle School Two-Story
    Classroom Project.
  • The Board approved the Fringe Benefit Committee Request to increase the dental coverage to add a third cleaning annually to all employee groups.
  • The Board approved December 11, 2018 Regular Board meeting for public comment on CSEA Negotiation Openers.
  • The Board approved the EL Maser Plan revisions for 2018.
  • The Board selected December 11, 2018 Regular Board meeting for the Annual Organizational
  • The Board nominated and approved the nomination of Suzanna George for Delegate Assembly for Region 6, subregion 6-C.
  • The Board approved the Mentor Service Agreement for Levi Cambridge.

  • The Board approved:
    • October 9, 2018 Regular Board Meeting Minutes
    • October 23, 2018 Study Session Minutes
    • District Expenditure Warrants and Purchase Orders
    • Personnel Actions
    • Board Focus Goals
    • Nonpublic School/Agency Master Contracts
    • Individualized Service Agreement for Nonpublic School/Agency – CCHAT Center – Sacramento.
    • Investment Portfolio Report
    • Resolution #18-24 Designated Signatory
NEXT MEETING: Regular Board Meeting, December 11, 2018.