Rescue Union School District

Board Of Trustees Meeting Highlights - April 10, 2018 


We continue our efforts to communicate effectively and in a timely fashion with our families and staffs.  We know not every parent, teacher, or staff member can attend our Board meetings, so we will provide a brief update after each Board meeting, sharing highlights and actions taken by the Board.  As always, please let us know how to better serve and communicate with you!  We want to be partners with you in the educational journey of the children entrusted to us.


  • Principal Dustin Haley provided a report on Rescue Elementary School.  One of the main areas of academic focus this year is math.  Along with providing intervention supports for grades 3-5 they have also been offering before and after-school tutoring.  Mr. Haley shared that the teachers have focused not only on teaching the standards, but talking to students about how to explain their thinking.  Many students struggle with how to explain their thinking and how to feel comfortable with making mistakes (how to improve, what did you learn and what could you have done differently).  At each grade level they have also been spending time after the interim assessments, throughout the winter and spring, discussing the most missed questions and putting their heads together to talk about why they missed them, what they thought and what they have learned. Teachers are working to take this to the next level as opposed to just focusing on what grade they received, this has been really important academically.
    Mr. Haley also reported on professional development that included hosting GLAD training with   4 and 5 grade teachers participating as well as teachers from other districts.  Currently 95% of Rescue teaches are GLAD trained.  K-3 teachers participated in the Love and Logic workshop at EDCOE.  These strategies fit in well with the Trauma Informed Practices and MTSS to identify other ways to help kids, not just making it about the standards, but how they can become the best version of themselves.  In addition, teachers will also be attending the upcoming Trauma Informed Practices workshop.
    For school culture and climate this year Rescue’s theme has been “ Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes” focusing on understanding and empathy in all areas whether, social, emotional, academic or behavioral.  This has included revamping the Character Counts Program, assemblies regarding bucket filling to support kids filling each other’s buckets and the “A touch of Understanding Assembly” giving students the ability to understand what it like to have a disability or hidden ability. This month is Autism Acceptance Month, and Rescue is presenting a lot of beginning activities for students on what is autism and what does it look like.
    A Student Council Leader reported that the mission this year for the Student Council is community service.  She talked about all the activities and drives they have planned throughout the year to help the members of our community.  
    The final presentation was a wonder student news broadcast of Rescue - A Year in Review, highlighting many of the wonderful programs at Rescue School.

  • Difference Makers:  Rescue School presented the Difference Maker award to Renee Mallott,  Teacher, and Joan Pulling, School Secretary (alias Radar!)

  •  Outstanding Community Member:  Raelene Nunn from El Dorado County Senior Services was recognized for her contributions to our district schools.  Raelene is an active community member who has supported and inspired Lakeview Elementary for over five years.  She leads the Nana Program by matching talented, retired seniors or “empty nesters” to run reading groups,  listen to students read, assist in the technology lab, and oversee students who visit the amazing Lakeview Garden at recess.  She hosts appreciation “teas” for the nanas at her home each semester and assist in planning and maintaining this valuable program. 
    In addition, Raelene has worked with our Superintendent, Cheryl Olson, along with each school principal from all seven schools to “get the word out” regarding, El Dorado County Senior Services.  Her goal was to make RUSD families aware of the outstanding and helpful programs and services available to senior family members in our community.  A huge thank you for all you do for our students and community!

  • China Visit:  This year over spring break, a group of students, parents, and a teacher, went to China to visit our sister schools.  Students attended school with the Chinese students and lived with Chinese host families.  Liz Ulmer, the teacher who lead this trip, provided a report to the Board about the visit.
    Liz Ulmer started with tea and a “GAMBEY” toast with the Board and presented the Board with gifts from our Chinese sister schools.
    Mrs. Ulmer explained about the wonderful bonding opportunity for students and shared a pictorial presentation of the trip!  She reported that China began their pursuit of U.S. schools about 11 years ago to observe us and understand how we organize classrooms, our approach with students and how we build relationships with students.  Our sister schools were very excited to have us visit so they could show us what they have learned from us and to showcase our contributions to their successes.
    The sister school relationship has been a wonderful experience for students from both countries!


  • Superintendent Olson reviewed on our enrollment report and we are currently down 102 students from this time last year.
    She shared the following:
    It has been a very emotional time for our district and community with the passing of dearly loved and respected Tony DeVille Sr.  It has given me the opportunity to reflect on this year.  We have had numerous parents pass away, which I cannot imagine going through.  We have had spouses of staff members pass away, and parents of staff members pass sway this year.  It has made me really think about how we each choose to live.  Our lives impact others more than we may realize.  Through these passings and particularly right now, through the passing of Tony DeVille Sr., I recognize we each truly can live our lives with integrity, we can make a positive difference wherever we are, and in whatever positions we have, we can hold ourselves accountable to be the best we can be, and we can live lives of love, passion, and service to others like Tony did.  He has been an inspiration to all of us.  We never forget the legacy his life provided us.  He has had a profound effect on each of us, and I want to honor that tonight.  Dr. Robyn Silverman stated, “You need not worry about how you will be remembered.  Instead focus on living a life of character, conviction, and compassion and your legacy will never be forgotten.”  To me, this sums up Tony DeVille Sr. His legacy will never be forgotten.

  •  Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction , Dave Scroggins reported, on the process for the  History/Social Studies adoption pilot at the middle school.  A framework study and a very in depth analysis of all the materials was conducted at EDCOE and the middle school history department has elected to go forth with a spring time pilot.  Teachers will be piloting TCI (Teachers Curriculum Institute) and National Geographic materials at the middle school and training is scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday.  Elementary schools will be piloting Pearson in the fall.  We are very excited about the new curriculum.
    He also provided an update on the LCAP stakeholder engagement process.  We conducted surveys with teachers, classified employees and administrators.  Currently we are in full swing with student listening circles.  The information we get from the kids is inspiring!  We have just compiled 996 individual comments from the open ended questions on the parent survey that closed on Monday.  We were able to see trends emerge with very positive comments about staff, communication and understandable some concerns regarding safety.  


  •  The Board approved the Certificated Employee Week Proclamation. The week will be celebrated May 7-11.
  •  The Board approved the Classified and Confidential Week Proclamation. The week will be celebrated May 21-25.
  • The Board approved the Naming of the Marina Village Two –Story building  - Tony DeVille Sr. and the Marina Village Field – Erin Hauge.  The community will be invited to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony in August.
  • The Board approved the following Board Policies as presented:
    • BP/AR 1312.3 Uniform Complaint Procedures
    • BP 4111-4211-4311 Recruitment and Selection
    • BP/AR 4119.11-4219.11-4319.11 Sexual Harassment
    • BP 4119.21-4219.21-4319.21 Professional Standards
    • E 4219.21 Professional Standards
    • AR 4161.1-4261.1-4361.1 Personal Illness/Injury Leave
    • BP 5144 Discipline
    • BP/AR 5144.1 Suspension and Expulsion Due Process
  • The Board approved Resolution #18-08 Reduction of Hours/Elimination of Positions, Classified Personnel
  • The Board approved Award of Contract – Bid for Jackson Roofing Project
  • The Board approved the school calendar for 2018-2019 – it is posted on our website
  • The Board approved the General Waiver Request for Schoolwide Title I Programs at Green Valley and Rescue Schools
  • The Board approved:
    • March 13, 2018 Regular Board Meeting Minutes
    • District Expenditure Warrants and Purchase Orders
    • Personnel Actions
    • Change Orders #10-16 – Marina Village Two-Story project
    • Resolution #18-09 – Election Consolidation
    • Williams Quarterly Report

NEXT MEETING:   Regular Board Meeting, May 8, 2018.  The next Study Session is scheduled for April 24, 2018.