Rescue Union School District

Board Focus Goals

Rescue Union School District
Board Focus Goals 2011-2016
Revised 8/27/13 - Board Approved 9/10/13

Revised 2/25/14 – Board Approved 3/11/14

Revised 9/9/14

Board Focus Goals

I. Student Needs
A. Student Safety and Well Being: Enhance and encourage social, emotional, ethical and civic learning by providing a safe, supportive and diverse environment.
B. Curriculum and Instruction: Provide a meaningful, innovative learning environment using Common Core, and other student content standards and research-based, progressive, effective instructional methodology, instructional materials, staff development and technology that will ensure student success in career and college.
II. Fiscal Accountability
Keep the district fiscally solvent through prudent LCAP aligned budget processes in order to meet the needs of our students.
III. Communication / Community Involvement
Establish and maintain consistent and effective communication that is transparent and timely in an effort to provide and receive information that will engage and educate our District and community.
IV. Staff Needs
Attract and retain diverse, knowledgeable, dedicated employees who are skilled and supported in their commitment to provide quality education for our students.
V. Facility / Housing
Build, improve and maintain school facilities to meet current and future education needs while integrating the most effective and efficient use of resources.
VI. Culture of Excellence
Create and promote programs that support, reward and incentivize employees to perform at exceptional levels for the benefit of our students.