Rescue Union School District

Growth Mindset Resources

Rescue Union School District is introducing the concept of “Growth Mindset” (based on the work of Stanford psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck) into our staff development for teachers.  We expect that this approach will have very positive effects on our students because “Growth Mindset” encourages a “can do” attitude and is based on rewarding the use of strategies, effort, resilience and persistence in the learning process, as opposed to the beliefs of the “fixed mindset”, where student success in learning is based on fixed talents and attributes that do not change over time.  Research from this work indicates decisively that all, not just “gifted” students can learn, grow and excel when given the right kind of support and encouragement. 

Resources on Growth Mindset

  • Carol Dweck:  “Mindset: the New Psychology of Success" (2006, Random House)
  • Mike Gershon: “How to Develop Growth Mindsets in the Classroom" (2016) – 60 strategies
  • Mary Cay Ricci: “Mindsets in the Classroom, Building a Culture of Success and Student Achievement in Schools" (2013, Prufrock Press) 
  • A Study of Praise and Mindset (2014, YouTube Video)
  • How to Help Every Child Fulfil Their Potential - Carol Dweck (2015, YouTube Video)
Growth Mindset (Failure is an opportunity to grow) vs Fixed Mindset (Failure is the limit of my abilities)