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Welcome to Band!

Welcome to Band!title

I am very excited to be working at Rescue Union School District, teaching elementary students the lifelong skill of learning a musical instrument!  Band is available to all 4th and 5th Grade students.  Please click on your school listed in the sidebar to find a detailed band schedule and important concert dates for your school.  Scroll down to look at the materials needed for band, and use the link below to sign up for band! 
-Mila Olson
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Materials to bring to your scheduled band class:
Grading for Band:
Band grades are given on the student's regular report card.  They will receive a citizenship grade of S+, S, S-, or N based on the following:
  • Monthly Practice Logs: Practice is required 3x a week for 15 minutes outside of class
  • Attendance
  • Playtests: two melodies and two rhythms to be completed in class each trimester
Acceptable 4th and 5th Grade Band Instruments and materials needed:
(Links below are examples of what to buy on Amazon.  You do not need to purchase through Amazon or purchase the exact item shown.)
5th Grade students who have played a wind instrument for at least one year can continue on an instrument listed above or switch to one of the following instruments:
Where Do I Get My Instrument and Book?

Where Do I Get My Instrument and Book?title

There are three options for acquiring a band instrument.  If you aren't sure which instrument to choose, read this article.
1) Rent from a music store (see below for options).  This is your best choice when your student is starting an instrument because you don't know if that is the instrument they will stay on.  
2) Borrow an instrument from the School District.  This option is available to students who have financial need.  There are not a lot of instruments available, so instruments will be checked out on a first come, first served basis and you may not get your first choice.  You will also be provided with a used book for your instrument, if needed, or you may purchase a new one. If you have financial need and would like to borrow an instrument, please indicate your need on the sign up form or contact me at  You will also need to turn in a District Instrument Check-Out Form before your student can bring their instrument home. 
3)  Purchase an instrument, or use an instrument owned by a family member.  Purchasing an instrument presents a couple challenges:  Your student may change their mind or find that a different instrument is a better fit for them.  Also, make sure you purchase a quality instrument that is in good working order.  Do not purchase wind instruments on Amazon for $100 or less.  These instruments are made of cheap materials and may work fine to start with, but are hard/impossible to repair.  If using a family member's instrument, please make sure the instrument is in good working order.  
For repairs, I recommend taking your instrument to:
8091 Greenback Lane 
Citrus Heights (behind Beach Hut Deli)
Books can be found at music stores in the area or online (like on Amazon).  Make sure to purchase the Essential Elements 2000 or Essential Elements for Band, Book 1, for your specific instrument.  (FYI:  Clarinet is listed as Bb Clarinet on the method book.)
Instrument Rental Information

Instrument Rental Informationtitle

There are several music stores in the area you can visit to rent an instrument and purchase a book:
The Music Yard   Order online and they will deliver to your school!
Tague Music
8091 Greenback Lane 
Citrus Heights (behind Beach Hut Deli)
873 Embarcadero Dr., Suite #1
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762  
Nicholson Music

636 E. Bidwell St.

Folsom, CA 95630

(916) 983-0763 

Gottschalk Musical Instruments
(Call and they will deliver to your school)
(530) 622-5143