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Fringe Benefits Committee 2018-19

The Fringe Benefits Committee is made up of representative bargaining group members from sites/departments throughout Rescue USD.  The role of the committees tends to be: sharing employee input about plan coverage, reviewing plan options, and helping to educate and inform other employees about benefits issues and complexities. The committee meets as-needed.   
Dates for Presentation on Medical Benefits Comparison Package 
The FBC will be coming to all sites to give an overview of this packet. Below are the dates for each site. Please note that these meetings are open to all staff regardless if this is not their site. If you are on duty during these times, please coordinate with your supervisor who will release you to attend. 
February 11 @ 2:15 PM – Marina Village
February 11 @ 3:20 PM – Green Valley
February 12 @ 3:20 PM – Rescue
February 19 @ 2:15 PM – Pleasant Grove
February 19 @ 3:30 PM – Lakeview
February 20 @ 9:00 AM – Transportation/M&O
February 25 @ 3:15 PM – Jackson
February 26 @ 3:15 PM – Lake Forest
Employee Information Regarding Medical Broker Comparison
Links for Doctors by Coverage Type
Meeting Dates / Information for 2018-19

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Staff Insurance Rates