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Here at Rescue Union School District we are very excited when parents or community members want to volunteer and help out in our schools and classrooms.  We think student safety is very important and have procedures in place to provide a safe learning environment for all staff and students. If you would like to become a volunteer in our district please review the Volunteer Handbook and fill out the appropriate Volunteer Packet located below and return it to your school office. If you have any questions, or need a paper application, please contact your school office. 
Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer Handbooktitle

It is our goal that this Volunteer Handbook will provides information on the procedures and guidelines required to volunteer in the Rescue Union School District.  It serves as a reference guide and contains detail information on the procedures and guidelines required to volunteer.  The guidelines have been established to provide a highly effective “Volunteer” program that complies with state and local laws, and maintains a safe school environment for students and staff members. Please be sure to review the handbook in its entirety prior to completing a Volunteer Packet. Thank you for donating your time, and sharing your individual talents and expertise in our students’ lives!
Rescue Union School District Volunteer Handbook
Please submit your completed packet to your school office
  • Volunteer I Packet - A Volunteer I is defined as an individual who, with school district approval, assists students, schools, teachers under the direct supervision (direct visibility) of certificated personnel and is never left alone with students (ie: classroom help).