Welcome to the NEW Rescue Frontier Virtual Academy Program Coming August 2020

Welcome to the NEW Rescue Frontier Virtual Academy Program Coming August 2020

Rescue Frontier Virtual Academy
The history of our own community has been one that showcases the incredible spirit of those who settled in the area of Rescue and its surrounding foothills to forge and pioneer the way for generations to follow.  Now, so many years later we face our own frontier of responding to a changing world with innovation and courage while we hold steadfast to our goal of educating for the future together.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline for applying?
In order for the District to purchase and receive materials prior to the start of the school year and in order to form classes and have time to hire necessary personnel,  parents have until Monday, July 13, 2020 to enroll in Frontier.  
May I apply after the start of the school year?
Enrollment will be considered after the start of the school year; however, we anticipate that the program may not have space for new students as we will staff only for the number of students who are enrolled by July 13th.
What are the system requirements?
Fuel Education is a web based curriculum. Any device with a web browser should be able to access the TK-8th grade content. According to Fuel Education, the preferred devices for TK-8th grade content are Windows, MacOS, Chromebook and iPads. Phones and other tablets should work however the experience could be impacted and prove more difficult. If you are in need of a device for your student, please contact the district office and we have Chromebooks available for checkout.
May I withdraw from the Frontier Virtual Academy and return to an in-seat classroom during the current school year?
Yes, however; the District cannot guarantee class space will be available in the school you were last enrolled. ​We do not anticipate this will be an issue in most cases and will inform parents, during the enrollment process if this is likely.​ If space is not available at your school of last enrollment, we would find space at the next closest school to your home that has available space.
If you wish to return to your school of last enrollment, in 2021-2022, will a space be available?
In most instances, yes. However, if a grade level becomes impacted during your student’s time enrolled in Frontier, we would enroll your student in the next closest school to your home that has available space. 
How will the program be staffed?
In order to provide distance learning, the District is essentially creating a new school. RUSD Frontier will be staffed with California credentialed teachers and an administrator.
What curriculum will be used?
The District will be purchasing/implementing ​the K12 learning management platform offered through Fuel Education.
We have selected this program as it is a California State Standards-aligned program specifically designed for blended and personalized learning. The program provides age-appropriate physical materials in combination with digital content and tools.
Will my child be provided with a computer?
The District’s online curriculum will be accessible on most devices. If you do not have a device that works or have a hardship you may request to check out a District Chromebook. Although IT support will be available, we will only be able to assist with hardware owned by Rescue Union School District.
Will attendance/participation in daily scheduled instructional meetings, with a teacher, be required?
Yes. Students will be required to participate in daily instructional meetings with their teachers. These video conference meetings will occur within the ​Fuel Education K12​ platform. This regularly scheduled meeting time will be solely determined by the teacher between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. daily, Monday through Friday.
Students who are not present for instructional meetings will be marked absent. All compulsory attendance rules apply to students enrolled in Frontier and students with chronic absences will be referred to the School Attendance and Review Board (SARB).
Will my student be required to participate/complete daily independent learning activities and assignments?
Yes. Participation in daily independent learning activities is required and will be tracked through the ​Fuel Education​/K12 Platform. When a student does not participate and/or complete assignments, we may be required to report them as absent.
Will parents need to provide direct support to their students?
Yes. While some students will be able to effectively manage their learning, some may not. Parents of children in younger grade levels should be prepared to provide considerable oversight and support to their students in partnership with the assigned teacher. Students of all ages will need their parents to be closely monitoring their access and progress. In addition, teachers and administration will be in close contact with parents should a concern regarding progress emerge.
Will school counseling and English learner services be available?
What special education services will be provided to students with disabilities?
The nature of these services are individually designed and thus we would contact you to discuss what would be provided.
What will an elementary student day look like?
What will a middle school student schedule look like?
Will middle school students have access to electives?
Middle school elective options will include Spanish 1, Spanish 2,  Art, Computer Science, and Physical Education. Following the close of the enrollment period on July 13, parents will receive additional information about the courses and will sign up for their chosen elective. These courses will be graded as pass/fail and will not be regularly monitored by the teacher.  Parent support and monitoring of these classes is required.  
Will Middle School Students have the opportunity to be on the accelerated Math Pathway?
Yes, students will have the opportunity to enroll in accelerated math classes in 6-8th grade.
Will students be able to take Band?
Band will not be available to students enrolled in the Distance Learning School. 
Will Frontier Students still be able to participate in after school extracurricular activities that are being offered, like Cross Country or other sports?
Yes, students will be able to participate in after school activities that are being offered and are compliant with social distancing guidelines.   
Will students be required to come to school each week to meet with small groups or teachers?
Students will not be required to meet in person with teachers or small groups.  Individual teachers may offer some in person activities but these will be optional.
How often will teachers offer in person activities and small group meetings?
Each teacher will work with families and students to offer in person activities for students.  On average, students will be given 3 to 4 opportunities a month to attend onsite activities with small groups of peers.
Will meals be available for students eligible to receive Free and Reduced Breakfast and Lunch?
Yes. Details will be provided at a later date.
How will students be assessed and graded?
Students will be assessed using Fuel Education’s curriculum-based assessments and using Districtwide screeners and standards-aligned interim assessments. K-5 students will receive a standards-based report and students in grades 6-8 will receive a letter grade report card.
Will we still be informed of happenings at our school of last enrollment or neighborhood school?
Yes. You will receive all school-wide communications from your school of last enrollment or neighborhood school while enrolled in Frontier.
If all district schools are mandated to close due to COVID again, will everyone use FuelED?
No, the district is currently working on the instructional model that will be utilized for distance learning in the event schools close but the Frontier Academy will only be available to those students already enrolled in the program.
If your questions were not answered above and you would like to receive a phone call, please email Amy Bohren at abohren@rescueusd.org with a good contact number.