Rescue Frontier Virtual Academy
Your Frontier Team!

Your Frontier Team!

Amy Bohren
Frontier Program Director
RUSD English Learner Coordinator
General 6-8th Grade Middle School Concerns & Inquiries
EnrollmentWait List for Frontier Middle School
Parent Advisory Committee
Overall Program Coordination
Michelle Winberg
TK-5 Frontier Administration
Principal of Green Valley Elementary
(530) 677-3685
General TK-5 Concerns & Inquiries
Enrollment/Wait List for Frontier TK-5
Frontier School Secretary
Absence Reporting
General Questions and Inquiries about Frontier
Independent Study Contracts
Requests for transfer to HYBRID program
Meghan Magee
Director of Student Services
(530) 672-4830
Special Education Services
                                              Counseling Services
Myrna Harp: Marina Village Middle School Students
Clara Hawkins: Pleasant Grove Middle School Students
(530) 672-4400  
Kristen McKelvey: Lake Forest
Terry Libbon: Rescue and Lakeview
530-677-2720, ext 3045 (Rescue School)
916-941-2600, ext 6002 (Lakeview)
Danielle DeSimoni: Lakeview and Jackson
Lakeview (M/W): 916-941-2600 ext 6002
Jackson (T/W/Th.): 916-933-1828 ext 5055
Tom Power: Green Valley Elementary

Academic counseling and Socio-Emotional Support Services