Rescue Union School District

Educating for the Future, Together

All instructional models will provide students with opportunities to:
  • Schedule additional time with the instructor as needed.
  • Participate in District athletic programs, music and band programs, library programs, physical education classes, and visual and performing arts activities as school and individual schedules allow.
  • Attend COOL School field trips

All instructional models will require a dedicated parent/guardian to "coach" students and assist them in their daily lessons.

COOL School students have a choice of two instructional models

COOL School students have a choice of two instructional modelstitle


  1. Blended Online Learning Program*
    Students will complete coursework online at home and participate in face-to-face instruction in the classroom per week.  Classroom instruction will focus on collaborative, critical thinking activities.  Students will also have opportunities to socialize with peers while collaborating and receiving critical instruction from a credentialed teacher in various curricular areas.  Students will be assigned to a grade level cohort that will attend class for 1 - 2.5 hours, two days a week based on class size.  A certificated teacher will plan and facilitate all classroom lessons and activities.
  2. Independent Online Learning Program*
    Students will complete all coursework at home online.  Requirement is to meet with the teacher and the grade level cohort a minimum of one hour every week to go over completed coursework and discuss progress.  Additional classes may be required as necessary.

*Computers and Internet connections to be supplied by the parent/guardian.