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Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System (LMS)title

The district's commitment to offering a challenging curriculum with high standards has long been recognized as a high priority. 

For students choosing the Blended Online Learning Program or the Independent Online Study Program:

  • The COOL School curriculum is an engaging and rigorous, media-rich curriculum that actively engages students through the use of quality digital courses in the core subjects of math, science, language arts, and history / social science.  All coursework is aligned to the California state standards and delivered in partnership with Fuel Education, a national learning management system (LMS).
  • Students will login to the LMS daily to complete their coursework with the assistance of the parent/guardian.  Numerous formative assessments will highlight student areas of strength and target areas that need more practice allowing students to move on or to cycle back through the concepts.  Students will also be able to receive assistance from the teacher in the form of instant messaging, synchronous communication tools and the scheduling of one-on-one assistance.
  • Teachers will constantly monitor individual student progress and intervene as necessary.  The built-in course customization tool assists the teacher and allows for greater versatility in customizing lessons and allowing for differentiation.  Online grade books and individualized student planners within the LMS contain pacing calendars and numerous reporting features that allow teachers to customize the student's learning experience.  Group classroom instruction will focus on hands-on, collaborative learning activities as well as critical thinking activities.
  • Parent/guardian real-time access to the student's assignments, grades, teacher feedback and announcements create the unique partnership necessary between the student, teacher and parent/guardian for the student to succeed.
Information on Fuel Education

Information on Fuel Educationtitle

Rescue Union School District has partnered with Fuel Education to help tap into the best of today’s vast array of digital educational resources, tailor solutions for a variety of learning environments, and personalize learning to drive stronger student outcomes. Find more information on the Fuel Education website.
Description of a Learning Management System

Description of a Learning Management Systemtitle

Online coursework is delivered via a software package called a learning management system (LMS). An LMS allows instructors to manage distribution of materials, create content and assignments, and administer communications and other aspects of instruction for their courses. Features include:
  • Authoring tools that make it easy for the instructor to individualize the content and differentiate the curriculum.
  • Course structure that divides content into lessons and units.
  • Tools that allow for synchronous (i.e., real-time) and asynchronous communication between the student and teacher.
  • The ability to track the student's course activity
  • Assessment tools and automatic grading capability