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Collaborative Opportunities for Online Learning (C.O.O.L)

Collaborative Opportunities for Online Learning (C.O.O.L)title

The mission of the Rescue C.O.O.L. School is to provide an innovative, rigorous digital learning environment that prepares students for the 21st century and beyond.   COOL School students benefit from the flexibility that online learning provides including opportunities for acceleration, practice, enrichment and access to learning 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

Specific information is explained below.  You may access this information by clicking on the links immediately below:

Who Should Enroll?

Who Should Enroll?title

Students who:

  • Are in grades 3-8
  • Wish to learn in a manner that is individualized to their own learning style and pace
  • Are self-disciplined and committed
  • Are independent workers
  • Who love challenging, engaging curriculum
  • Are comfortable with technology
  • Are in home school, charter school or private school
  • Are performers or elite athletes
  • Would benefit from non-traditional coursework
  • Are will to work closely with instructors and parents to complete assignments
  • Reside in El Dorado, Sacramento, Placer, Amador and Alpine counties
Non-Resident Students

Non-Resident Studentstitle

Students who do not reside within the geographical boundaries of the Rescue Union School District will need to obtain an Interdistrict Agreement from their resident district.  To obtain an Interdistrict Agreement, contact your district or school of residence and request the paperwork.  Once completed, the paperwork should be brought to the Rescue Union School District Office located at 2390 Bass Lake Road in Rescue.
Why Online?

Why Online?title

Benefits to students include:

  • Personalized and individualized learning plans.
  • Provides opportunities for students to develop 21st century skills.
  • Keeps students engaged in and exciting about learning.
  • Provides alternative learning opportunities including choices
    • Online, virtual learning
    • Some face-to-face instruction
    • Traditional independent study using District adopted curriculum
  • Flexible, differentiated experience.
  • Fosters cooperation and interaction among diverse and geographically dispersed students.
  • Provides for socialization and collaboration opportunities through:
    • Hands-on, interactive activities in class
    • Band/Music
    • Library programs
    • Visual and performing arts
  • Provides flexible schedules for students
  • More engagement, time on task and more productivity
  • Receives one on one support from instructor
  • Learning management system guides student through the curriculum using formative assessment:
    • Students move faster when they demonstrate mastery of concepts
    • Students may move slower when more practice is needed
  • Access to District services