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Rescue Union School District

Archived Letters

Message from the Superintendent - November 3, 2017

Dear Rescue Families,
Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. I love the weather, beautiful leaves, crisp air, and the season of giving thanks. I can tell you from my heart I have many things for which to be thankful. I certainly am deeply grateful to be here with you all in the Rescue Union School District. I am honored and blessed to be a part of this community serving the most wonderful students and families and staffs in the state! Be sure to take a bit of time this month to reflect on what you are thankful for as well. It is good for us all to do that once in awhile.
This has been another busy month. Every school held extremely popular and successful Harvest Festivals or fall events. It was interesting to see the similarities and differences among them, but the common thread was kids and families having FUN! Thank you parents and staffs for all you did to make them so wonderful. The Halloween parades were entertaining as well. The costumes were clever and creative. I particularly enjoyed seeing teachers and staffs dress up! In fact, several whole staffs dressed up in a theme, such as Pleasant Grove staff all dressed as Where’s Waldo, Jackson staff dressed as Trolls, and the district office staff all dressed up as kids.
November promises to be yet another busy month, with one day in particular being very important: Veteran’s Day. I am grateful that so many of our schools take time to honor our veterans, and share with our students the importance of veterans and the sacrifice they have made over the centuries, first to give us our freedom, and now to keep us safe and to preserve our freedom. Our country is a beautiful mosaic tapestry, filled with beautiful children and people from across the globe who desire to live in our great country, made possible by the millions of veterans who have served. Join us in showing respect and honor to those who have served in the armed forces. The site programs will be on November 9, and school will be closed to honor veterans on Friday, November 10.
Our LCAP process is about to get underway for the 2018-2019 year. WE NEED YOU! Mr. Dave Scroggins, our Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, will be holding an informational meeting Monday night, November 6, from 6:00-7:00 in the District Office Board Room to explain what the Local Control Accountability Plan is, and how you as parents can be involved! WE NEED YOUR VOICE. We need your thoughts and opinions. Please attend this meeting if you have not been part of this process before.
Parent/Teacher conferences are right around the corner for our elementary sites as well. By now you should have received word from your child’s teachers how to set up a conference time.
If you haven’t, please contact your child’s teacher. We want to meet to share the progress each
child is making. Conference week is November 13-17. Put it on your calendar now!
We will be observing Thanksgiving November 20 – 24. I am proud of our schools and students
for collecting food for those in need. Our students have giving hearts and they are learning to
help others at an early age. Additionally, one of our classes at Lakeview, Ms. Groves’ class, also
volunteered through Friends of Folsom, to raise money to feed families during this holiday
season and they raised enough money to feed 150 families! These are all important learning
experiences for our students.
We trust you will have a wonderful month, even though it will be busy. We wish for you a
Thanksgiving season of gratitude and family time. If we can serve you more effectively, please
let us know. Your thoughts and ideas are important to us.
Most Sincerely,
Cheryl Olson

Parent Letter Re: Video - November 1, 2017

Dear Rescue Families,
We want to take this opportunity to thank you again for partnering with us in the education of
your children. We know you love your children very much and we want you to know we strive
to meet the needs of every precious child entrusted to us.
Many of us are parents too, and we know how important, but difficult parenting can be! We go
through the same growing up stages with our own children as you do. Along those lines, I
wanted to share a 14 minute video clip we shared with our teachers and staff last week because
it is so important for all of us to understand. Because we thought it was important for us as
educators and parents, we decided we should share it with all of you as well. The video
discusses how our children’s brains are like soft sponges in their early years, and how we as
adults interact with them and with one another impacts our little ones significantly. Please
take 14 minutes to watch this video, as we did. I can honestly say it was a powerful reminder to
me that my words, actions, and interactions with others has a huge, lasting impact on young
ones with whom I am in contact.
Again, thank you for your time, how you care for your amazing children, and for working with
us to benefit your kids. If you have questions or comments, we would love to hear from you. I
can be reached at 530 672-4810 or We truly are here to work with
you and serve you and your families.
Most Sincerely,
Cheryl Olson

Message from the Superintendent - October 2, 2017

Dear RUSD Families,

Fall is definitely in the air!  The school events put on by parent clubs and school sites have been wonderful ways to usher in fall and get us all engaged and excited about the school year.  This is SUCH a wonderful district.  We are excited about what is going on.

Many of our students are involved in cross country and the final meet is coming up.  We will be sure to cheer on our students on October 11.  We are proud of our kids.  Middle School sports are underway as well, with our boys and girls volleyball teams doing extremely well!  GOOOOO Mustangs and Pumas! 

We had our first set of community coffee chats this past month.  We will hold two of them each month.  We will hold them at different locations and at different times to hopefully be convenient for parents and community members who would like to participate.  We invite anyone interested in hearing more about what is going on in the district, or interested in asking questions, or just getting to know one another better.  The October through December dates/times for the coffee chats are as follows:

October: Thursday, October 19 at Lake Forest School, Room F9 at 9:15 am and at the District Office Board   room on the same day at 5:30 pm

November: Tuesday, November 7 at Rescue School, Room D2 at 9:15 am, and at the District Office Board room on the same day at 5:30 pm

December: Thursday, December 14 at Jackson School in the library at 9:15 am, and at the District Office Board room on the same day at 5:30 pm.

We had some exciting news this week, as State test scores were made public across the state.  Our district ranked in the top 5 regional school districts as having the highest percentage of students meeting both English standards AND math standards.  We thank every teacher and every staff member for all they do to meet student needs.  We appreciate our students who work hard and take school seriously.  We also are grateful to parents for the support you give your children, as you partner with us in the education of your children.  We will continue working diligently to make sure our students continue to show growth!

 Four of our schools are hosting groups of students from our Sister Schools in China last month and this month!  About 80 Chinese students and teachers total visited Jackson, Lake Forest, Lakeview, and Marina Village.  It has been a time of rich opportunity for our students to get to know students from across the ocean, from a different culture and system of education!  The really special thing - friendship, kindness, and love are all a universal language!  The students are having so much fun together, and the families hosting the children are enjoying the opportunity as well.  We are hoping to reciprocate and send some of our students and teachers to our Sister Schools in China this spring.  More information will come later on that.

Our All Day Kindergarten program has been in operation for two weeks!  I am so proud of our hard-working teachers and the kindergarten students for making it successful.  In visiting the classrooms across the district, one of the main things I heard was how hungry the kiddos got by 2:00!  They have been re-arranging snack time and working on the schedule to make it beneficial for our students.  A positive comment was teachers feel like they have so much more time to get lessons and projects accomplished, so it is not as rushed for the students.  The students, of course, are just excited that they have one more recess in the afternoon!  All in all, it has been a good start, and again, I thank our teachers for all they have done to prepare for this change.

Another exciting piece of news is we are utilizing STEMscopes for science this year to help us transition to the use of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  We are very enthused about this program because it is built on a digital platform, but enhanced by print, with kits that are hands-on, full of inquiry-based investigations, and is research-based and connects the three dimensions of NGSS: Disciplinary Core Ideas, Science and Engineering Practices, and Crosscutting Connections.  All K-5 teachers are able to use STEMscopes, and 6-8 science teachers have it available as well. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to let our community know we now have a complete Cabinet.  We have hired and welcomed Ms. Candice Harris as our Human Resources Director.  She comes to us highly recommended and with extensive experience from Santa Clara and we are thrilled to have her on board.  We have also hired and welcomed our new Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Mr. Sean Martin.  He comes to us from Pollock Pines, and has a long history of serving in this area with great expertise.  I know I speak accurately for Candice, Sean, and myself, being new to Rescue; we are happy to be here, and we are excited to witness firsthand the family atmosphere and dedication to the schools and district.  We look forward to serving with you and for your benefit.

Lastly, I would like to invite you to let me know how we can better serve you and communicate with you.  I welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas.  We truly desire to partner effectively with you as families in the education of your precious children.  We have incredible, dedicated teachers and staffs who love your children and want them to succeed.  With that, we do want to hear from you as to how we might better work with you.  You may email me at or call at 530 677-4810.

Thank you and have a fabulous October.


Most Sincerely,

Cheryl Olson



Message from the Superintendent - August 15, 2017

Dear Rescue School District Families,

What a great start to the year we have had!  I was very thrilled to visit each site last week and witness firsthand happy students, parents, and staffs. We are off and running! We want you to know that we are here to support your families and provide a top quality educational program for your children. We want to suggest you become actively involved in your child’s school however you can, whether by volunteering, being part of the Parent Club, chaperoning field trips, providing things for the class, or just by being supportive of the classrooms and school!
We have already had three Back To School Night events this past week and they were fabulous.  I appreciated seeing so many families at these important events, hearing about the programs, curriculum, projects, enrichment opportunities, and such your children will be engaged in over the course of the year. We have amazing schools and teachers AND families!  Thank you for entrusting your precious children to us.

I would like to let you know of a monthly opportunity for you to meet me for coffee the second Thursday of each month, from either 9:00-10:00 am or 5:30-6:30 pm.    I would love the chance to meet with anyone able to come!  This is one other avenue for chatting and communication!  The first ones will be Thursday, September 14, in the Rescue School District Board Room.  I’d love to see you.  I am going to set up different locations for these coffee chats, to try to make it as convenient as possible for you, but for the first one, we will meet at the District Office Board room.  If it works for your schedule to attend in the morning, I’d love to see you at 9 am.  If evening is better, come to the 5:30 pm chat!  I hope to see you.
Don’t forget, as Mr. Scroggins, our Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction shared recently, on August 21st we are in for a rare astronomical treat!  Starting about 9:00 a.m., the moon will begin to pass in front of the sun creating a partial solar eclipse.  The maximum eclipsed coverage of the sun, in our area, is expected to reach about 80% by 10:17 a.m.   As you can imagine, it is never safe to look directly at the sun with the naked eye, even when it is partially eclipsed.  The only safe way to view the eclipse directly is through appropriate viewing glasses.
The Rescue Union School District purchased 2,000 pair of ISO approved viewing glasses so our students can safely view this rare event.  Additionally, many of our teachers are planning related art, writing, reading, and science activities to make this day even more meaningful.  If you’re interested, you can learn more about the eclipse at  
Let me know how I can serve you and communicate with you effectively.  It means a great deal to me to have a positive rapport and two-way communication process with our families so that we can work together to provide the best for our students; your children.  Have a GREAT year.
Most Sincerely,
Cheryl Olson

Message from the Superintendent - July 6, 2017

Dear Teachers, Administrators, and Staff Members of the Rescue Union School District Family:
I am deeply honored and extremely excited to begin a new journey with you in Rescue. I have heard nothing but positives about this District, teachers, staffs, administrators, district office personnel, families, and the community, and can’t wait to work alongside you for the benefit of students. As I write this message to you, I am reminded of how far back my passion about education evolved. From the time I was eight years old until I graduated from college, I worked in the fields every summer growing up – an opportunity and experience that taught me about work ethic, character development, perseverance, and the value of higher education. I have been in education for over 30 years, have taught grades 3-8, was a principal of a K-5 and 6-8 school for many years, before becoming superintendent in the Bay Area. I am proud and delighted to be able to call Rescue Union School District my home, and contribute to the District my values, experience, and strong advocacy for educating and developing the whole child – every child who is part of Rescue Union School District.
This District is accomplishing great things with and for the kids served. It is a District rich in innovation and dedication. I want to help continue this path of excellence, as we continue navigating 21st century learning modalities and opportunities. This is what has drawn me here - the enthusiasm, forward thinking, and determination I have heard and read about from all sectors of our school community: teachers, staff, parents, Board members, and community leaders. Together we will remain loyally committed to taking this District to the next level of achievement.
I pledge I will keep the lines of communication open with our community, seek input, and strive to earn and keep the trust and respect of our stakeholders – all of you. To this end, I will be available and visible, visiting and participating in events, programs, and classes as much as possible.
Our children are the future of the Rescue community. Communication about them is a two-way process. I invite you to contact me with ideas you have about how we can strengthen our schools and community partnerships to ensure the children in Rescue Union schools are a top priority for all of us. In my opinion, we have the very best jobs in the world. Families bring their children to us and we have the privilege of modeling and shaping and turning children on to education and school so they want to continue on to college or have a career. Our goal is to help students create a vision for their futures. Who else gets to do that? No matter what job someone has in the District, whatever department or school or facet of our organization, we are all together in our mission to give our very best to students and their families. That makes the difference. We change our students’ worlds every day and that becomes our collective signature on their lives and our District’s legacy.
I look forward to the 2017-2018 school year and working with you all! I leave you with one of my favorite quotes by William A. Foster: “Quality is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” We will succeed in this endeavor together.
Here’s to a great upcoming year in Rescue Union School District!
Cheryl Olson